Energy Saving

Here at Cannon Electrical Services we have helped a whole lot of companies reduce their electricity bills already, why not be our next. As electricity costs are increasing at a faster rate than inflation it makes sense to invest in technologies that can save you money now.
The technological advancement over the last couple of years including occupancy sensors, LED lighting, smart dimming options & heat pumps means a lot of installations (older than a couple of years) can more than half their electricity consumption.
We can carry out a free survey of your premises and highlight the areas where you can save money. We will give you a detailed quotation including a ‘payback period’ and also inform you of the current grants available through the government and other sources.
We have carried out energy saving retrofits in; shops, offices, Public houses, doctor’s surgeries & many warehouses. We have seen some customer’s consumption reduce by over 70%!
We also offer a service to monitor your current usage over a period of time and highlight the peak periods of usage, as well as a before and after reading.


The best way to invest money

With payback periods as low as a couple of years it’s a better investment than any high interest/risk accounts.


Worried about outlay?

We have dealt with customers who had literally no budget, they arranged a bank loan and the saving itself in utility bills covers the bank loan- after the loan period is over they will see a high reduction in outgoings.

A quote from the website

‘’Britain’s big firms are spending around £2.8 billion extra each year on inefficient energy technologies – the equivalent output of nearly five power stations. Now is the time to seize the opportunity…… organisations up and down the country are already gearing up to make changes to save energy, save money and save the environment. If you act and invest, you will save – and that’s the bottom line.’’


What does ‘payback period’ mean?

The length of time required for an investment to recover its initial outlay in terms of profits or savings.

“If a new efficient light costs £200 and saves £100 a year, its payback period would be two years”

Questions & Answers

Why Energy saving can save you money

Well its simple really, the technologies available today weren’t available as little as a couple of years ago. An LED light can produce the same amount of light (lumens) as incandescent (light bulb) and use 90% less electricity- this isn’t magic it’s a fact.

There have been many advancements in electronic controlled lighting, a couple of examples are; occupancy sensors-turn the lights off when no ones there. The dimming of lights in relation to the amount of natural light received in a room.

The use of heat pumps rather than standard electric heating can save between 300-500% on your heating bills alone.

How much can you save

Well this is dependent on your existing installation; To date there hasn’t been a single installation we have surveyed who wouldn’t benefit from any of our energy saving ideas/technologies.

What about renewable technologies?

We have been installing renewable’s for some time now and have some large scale solar P.V installations under our belt. If you have roof space and the sun can see it you have the potential for a great investment!

Energy Saving

Cannon Electrical Services like to move with technology, we have invested heavily in training to bring our existing and potential customers the best energy saving technologies available. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are installing technologies that are going to save our customers money.


LED Lighting

We have been installing LED lighting for more than 5 years, this is when most contactors had no idea what it was.


Energy Systems

We have great ties with large suppliers and are trained to fit many different energy saving systems.

Solar PV

We have been installing solar P.V since 2008 this was before the boom when many jumped on the bandwagon and have since jumped off.