Solar PV specialist

Solar P.V is a great investment if you have available roof space and it’s south, east or west facing. We have installed over a Megawatt of solar P.V over the recent years to buildings such as, industrial warehouses, Schools, Academies, and Offices including government buildings. Grants are available today that cover the full cost of installation. The savings you make on your electricity consumption along with your income from the feed in tariff (FIT) and your income from electricity exported/sold back to the grid cover the cost of the loan and then some. With an average payback period of 5 years and a tariff lifetime of 20 years that’s tied into the retail price index (RPI) its an investment that shouldn’t be overlooked. As the world is ever more conscious on the burning of fossil fuels to create energy, you can utilise the suns radiation to create your own! You have to admit it will also look good in your environmental policy!

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Solar PV

Cannon Electrical Services like to move with technology, we have invested heavily in training to bring our existing and potential customers the best energy saving technologies available. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are installing technologies that are going to save our customers money.