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Cannon Electrical Services, LLC

Electrical Safety Inspections

$99.99 Safety Inspection

Inspection Includes

Terms & Conditions 

  • Electrical Service Checkup * (Main Panel, Meter Socket, Service
    Cable & Grounding System)

  • Quick checkup for Visible Electrical Hazards *
    (Water Damage, Rust, Uncovered Junction Boxes, exposed wiring, damaged outlets, overuse of extension cords)

  • Check for GFCI Protection in Required locations*

  • Inspect Smoke Alarms* (Visible Checkup only)

  • Inspect 1 Device Per Room (via Plugin Tester )

  • Checking/Opening ONE device of concern *SEE TERMS*

  • Check in on Whole House Surge Protection (If existing)

  • A Full Detailed Checklist Report of Findings followed by estimates for repairs.

  • Up to 3000 SQ FT homes or less. If your home is larger than 3000 sq ft, we will provide you with this same experience but with an upcharge based off the size of home.

  • Residential Only

  • May Not be combined with any other offer.

  • This inspection includes checking ONE device per room via Testing Tool (Excluding 2 prong outlets) & opening ONE device of concern per household, (Excluding Light fixtures & Multiple gang boxes.)

  • This does NOT include any Repairs.

  • This does not include checking Attics that require ladder to access or checking crawlspaces & Knee walls.

  • This does not include houses with multiple Electrical panels, this inspection is to inspect the Main panel only.

  • Cannon Electrical Services will NOT inherit and is NOT responsible for existing electrical hazard findings. These hazards will be brought to your attention with an immediate estimate for repair. We will NOT open device(s) if we feel like doing so will create a larger problem without price agreement on repair.

  • Additional charges will be applied if scope of inspection changes requested by homeowner.

Add On Inspection Options

Cost of Add on's will be customized to your request.

Here are some options below

  • Opening Multiple or 1 device per room

  • Checking Light fixtures

  • Checking Ceiling fans

  • Confirm Exhaust fans are VENTED.

  • Checking All Sub Panels

  • Checking Crawlspaces

  • Checking ANY Attic spaces

  • Checking Doorbell system(s)

  • Checking Dishwasher, Dryer & Oven for being hardwired vs plug & play

  • Checking Exterior Lights (Low & high)

  • Checking Detached Garage wiring

  • Checking Hot Tubs & Pool Equipment

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